Eko ahem, dvitiyo na asti; na bhooto, na bhavishyati.

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A Delhi based art gallery, Galerie Art Eterne, has selected one of mum's paintings as one of the finalists in an international art competition.

And in this day & age, a certain weight age is given to the number of 'likes' it receives on the Facebook page of the gallery.

The painting is called 'Malhaar', my mum is called 'Neelu' and the link to the FB page where you need to click 'like' is here.. :)

I am very excited for her and will be very grateful for any likes you care to send her way. :)

Life, she throws curve balls...
The madhouse has been madder than usual lately. And it continues.

I reckon there will be post about the politics of it someday...and also about how I've seen people responding to the politics of it. The latter has been staggering. It really shouldn't have been - a madhouse doesn't emerge in a vacuum - but it still has been staggering. :)

But, that will happen when it will. As of now, other priorities:

Mum had a bad fall last night and although we all got lucky insofar that there are no broken bones, she is in a lot of pain. And there is a wedding in the extended family this weekend....

Someone I knew a bit and liked a lot died yesterday, after an 8 yr battle with blood cancer.

K's final exams start tomorrow....and the school is acting strange wrt Aj's attendance this year. He has been ill quite a lot and they are acting as if he is in Class XII.

In more cheerful news, it is getting warmer. Today, the temps hovered around 24C for a few hours in the afternoon and soon I may just be able to ditch the thermals. And then graduate to just one sweater...

The garden is budding leaves are being sprouted, and flowers and even fruits...And it is, finally, warm enough to go sit in it anytiome I want to. :)

And 'tis done!

I moved.

Am posting this from my new home, posting from my phone. :))

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Just a quick note to say that I am done shifting stuff.
And I aten't dead!

Posting from the phone sucks.

And so it begins
The movement of stuff started today.


Tomorrow morn, my xomp will be disconnected. And moved. And then I shall see you guys on the other side.

A recent memory
Sometime around the middle of November, I had gone out to take care of some work. On my way back, at a red light, I heard insistent sirens behind me. I looked out of my auto and saw three fire brigades stuck in traffic.

I asked the auto driver to pull up to the side of the road, got out, strode to the middle of the road and started directing the traffic to line up on both sides of the road. I am still not sure why they listened, perhaps that bit about people responding to apparent authority, but they did. And soon, there was space enough for the fire engines to go do their work.

I'd have been more impressed had the lead engine not stopped to ask me for directions to the place they were supposed to go [it was in my colony and instructions were given] but it was still nice to be saluted by the drivers of the other two engines as they drove past.

The whole experience was fun. :)

Right, back to moving stuff.

The Delhi government has really jazzed up the registration courts. Redone the premises, air conditioned waiting room, nice & clean toilets and a streamlined process.

They texted me the time of my appointment, and we were all done and free in 30 minutes. Utterly lovely. :) I now have possession of the flat I am moving into.

Of course, since we had factored in a lot more time, the couple I am renting the place from and me - we had a nice chat in the afternoon sun. :)

Then I went to take stock of the new place, got work started there [bathroom fixtures need changing], went shopping for still more cartons and bubble wraps, came back and sent off a bunch of dry cleaning [curtains & carpets], packed some more, called a million people to co-ordinate tomorrow's movements.

Tom morning, after packing the kids off to school, I shall take the gardener to the new house.Then the carpenter will come to dismantle the beds.

People will arrive tomorrow to help me move. Post lunch tomorrow and over the weekend, just about every possession of mine will be shifted to the new place.

But first we have to clean it tomorrow morning....

The update thing
I was planning to go aargh yesterday. But I was too tired.

I was planning to take a moment to be satisfied [all my clothes are packed!] today. But things are moving too fast.

So, the current status.

Tomorrow is the court registration, at 11 am in the morning. After that, I will go over to the new place to view a few things. Friday morning that house gets cleaned. Friday post lunch we start moving things in there. Most of the major stuff should be moved over the weekend. We continue to live in the current place till the 12th but starting Monday, unpacking will happen in the new place.

12th is the final move, I think. This will be re-confirmed sometime tomorrow.


You know.

A *lot* has been done.

God bless Angela, who comes with her 9 mth old baby to help me.
God bless my masseuse who is also helping me.
And God bless my cleaning lady who is putting in 4 hrs of extra work each day to help me.

There are 24 cartons filled with books. More books still have to be packed.

80% of the kids' clothes are packed. The rest they need at hand.

Photos have been packed. You know, the kind that hang on walls. And all the rest too.

Today we tackled the store - close to 40 kilos of clutter - old books, papers, newspapers etc was discarded. All the old toys that the kids no longer play with have been distributed.Some 400 books were donated to the neighbourhood lending library.

Tomorrow, we do the Kitchen. And the thought makes me want to whine. Really. But we shall prevail.

I ache all over. The fever remains high but given the amount of work I have, that is not a surprise.

A bit of good news. Due to some emergency or the other, the people I am renting the place from went out of town today and will be back only on Wednesday. So I can't move on Wednesday. Which pushes the moving date to the 12h or the 15th [will let you know when I do....because it so impacts all of you ;)]

So the plan has now changed to finishing the packing by the time I get the possession of the house [Thursday the 5th]. And then start moving in stuff and unpacking it to fill the time until the official move happens.

Hmm, suddenly ran out of steam...

In which I whine & witter
Albeit in brief.


After more than an year of knowing that the owners of my current house are trying to sell their house, I seem to be about to move between now and the coming Wednesday.

The place I am moving to is something I saw only yesterday. Between 3 pm yesterday and now, I have confirmed my interest in the house, have had the 4th chosen as my moving date [don't ask!], have found out that my current housekeeper is going on an indefinite leave from Saturday, paid the security deposit, started the packing, filled out all the police verification forms and done a host of other things besides.

I have 5 days in which to pack and organise all kids of stuff - phone connection, TV installation, cable connection, court registration etc etc.

And then this evening, the kids and I were diagnosed with a nasty throat infection. So high fever and body ache and stuff.

So. Yeah. Stuff. Insert whining and wittering.

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